In 2009, to The Workshop(Studio), coffee - image of Treffrin, Cédric Le Bozec, fort of its musical experiences (Black Label Zone, duet with Soïg Sibéril, Pat O' May) is dying to make folk guitar meet itself and bagpipe with electric guitar and keyboard. Associate the energy of the rock with the power of a set of Breton bell-ringers.

BREIZHAROCK stands out and concretizes this union between rock and traditional music, guitars and bagpipes. A music which tickles feet, tempts to move, to slam very high hands and made vibrate the heart.

The song of the bagpipe, supported by bombards, get involved in chorus furious of the electric guitar, in the steady tablecloths of the keyboard and in the melodies removed by the acoustic guitar. Bass, drum kit, clear boxes train an essential link in these universes in the very similar rhythmic.

BREIZHAROCK it is a group or rather a troop, musicians, friends' band passionate with music in the discovery of the other horizons, with cultures and with experiences(experiments). An enthusiasm without defect, combines around the compositions of Cédric which are translated by the sharing of a little common energy with the public during memorable concerts.

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