L’OZ STORY 1993 - 2015


Gilles Lozac’hmeur created in 1993 L’OZ PRODUCTION, specialized in the organization and the production of entertainments. In 1995, he adds it the production of record (disk), essential tool for his artists. He develops with passion an independent label which is made the relay of the alive music in Brittany. The branch publishing is born in 1996 with the Editions L’OZ.


Hundreds of shows in France (Music festivals City of Lorient, City of Rennes, Tournée des Chapelles, maritime Parties, Brest and Douarnenez, national stages, festivals) and abroad Germany, Switzerland Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Poland, China, Mexico, the United States), numerous broadcastings broadcast on French and foreign channels, 80 albums, 7 DVD, several collections of piano scores were realized with a catalog which collects different musical genres having for common denominator the talent.

The directory of L’OZ PRODUCTION leaned on the traditional music to open on the mixture of genres today: musics of the world, the jazz, the Irish French, traditional, rock classic, the electro music, the song, the sea singings(songs), the French pop, the musics news(short stories), interbreedings with the African, Arabic, Bulgarian musics …

Among the artists, we can quote Siam, Dan ar Braz, Arvest, the Bagad Men Ha Tan, the Symphony orchestra of Brittany, the trio Ebrel / Buhé / Vassallo, Yann-Fanch Kemener, e. Sense, Yann Raoul, Manu Lann Huel, Melaine Favennec, Perry Rose, Guillemer, Pascal Lamour, Patrick Molard, Titom, Louise Ebrel, the Swing of Monday, Free Lagen, Kohann, Skilda, Gérard Delahaye, Ronan Le Bars, Alain Trévarin, Sharluber, Bruno Névez, Kerhun, the circles of dance Eostiged ar Stangala and Giz' Kalon but also the meetings with Archie Shepp, Eric Le Lann, Henri Texier, Security blanket N' Diaye Rose, the Bulgarian voices, the Gnawa of Morocco …

L’OZ PRODUCTION possesses a light structure, a circle of passionate professionals revolves around his(her) manager. Each has a very particular role to realize the creations imagined with the artists: sound engineers, graphic designers, photographers (among whom regretted Michel Thersiquel), press attachés, webmasters, pressers, administrators of right(straight) editorials, co-producers, co-publishers, turners, distributors in France and abroad, platforms of download.

L’OZ PRODUCTION distinguishes himself by his atypical environment near the port of Rosbraz to Riec sur Belon oyster in Finistère, three thatched cottages, among which one fitted out in recording studio and space of promotion, charming frame for the comfort of the artists, the friends and the professionals.

Numerous partnerships are realized linking culture and economy with companies as Armor-Lux, Géminox, CMB / Arkea, Savings banks, Océanopolis. Brasserie(brewery) of Brittany joined to the release of the first record of Free Lagen on the occasion of the launch of its Britt Cola.

Gilles Lozac’hmeur is President of the Professional Association Musics of Brittany / Music from Brittany including Coop Breizh companies, Keltia Musique, Last Exit Records, Alan Stivell Productions Keltia 3, BNC Productions, Compimusic, the Year Naer Produksion, Paker Prod and L’OZ PRODUCTION. He is also Deputy President Economy and Culture in the CCI Quimper Cornouaille.

The part show and events was confided to the company OZ LIVE at the end of 2013.

On 2014, OZ PRODUCTION breaks off momentarily in the musical production by dedicating itself essentially to the existing catalog and to the development of his editorial activity.

In 2015, OZ PRODUCTION will launch a very beautiful collection (caskets CD with notebook) dedicated to OZ LIVE's shows.

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